During each of the four breakout sessions throughout the day, there will be up to five Presentations taking place. This page will help you organize your plans for the event and provide the relevant information for each presentation. After signing in, feel free to browse through the presentations below and mark the sessions you are interested in attending.

All times EST

8am ET

9am ET

Keynote: Inquire, Inspire, Innovate – Leading Learning Transformation

Chris Kennedy
Track: Planning your transition - District administration, thought leaders and policy makers

Chris’ presentation will challenge us to model the way using social media and technology in our schools. Just as the tools have great power for students, the same is true for the adults and we must be learners together. He will look at various tools that have powerful professional value and also consider the challenges and risks of engaging in the social space.

10am ET

What Is Old Is New Again!

David Fisher
Track: Digital by design - Integrating digital resources into the classroom

Need some ideas on what to do with all of that 'old stuff' you've got hanging around? This session is the place for you! Learn how you can use that old phone, radio, video camera, etc. in your classroom and bring new life to all of those old things. What is old is new again!

11am ET

Global Science Education and GPM

Florentia Spires
Track: Leading from the front - Teachers as Leaders

Global Science Collaboration is an essential approach to teaching and learning that provide students with 21st Century experiences. Learn how to identify global partners and incorporate the GPM mission that immerses students in exploration to practical science phenomena relevant to their personal lives and across the globe.

ISS: Investigation Social Studies

Duane Waber
Track: Digital by design - Integrating digital resources into the classroom

Go back in time to investigate like only Discovery can through the use of the interactive Investigations in Social Studies Techbook. This session will explore the various types of Investigations in the Social Studies Techbook courses and demonstrate how students will be immersed in issues from the past.

What's Up With the Girls?

Elaine Plybon
Track: Creating culture and community of change

This session will discuss ways educators can engage and empower the girls in their classrooms. An organization created in Texas will be discussed as an example of building community among girls interested in STEM fields.

12pm ET

1pm ET

Exploring the Possibilities: Station Based Learning for the Social Studies Classroom

Patti Duncan
Track: Leading from the front - Teachers as Leaders

The Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook has many resources for exploring concepts. Allowing students to experience that content in a station based experience gives them multiple opportunities for learning. This session will focus on examples of social studies station based lessons and how they can be created using the Techbook.

Spread the Word: Stop Cyberbullying

Jan Abernethy and the Fantastic Ferrets
Track: Call to action - Students Speak

Fifth graders from Greenville have been working hard to change the world. They would like to put a stop to cyber bullying! This session will explore what they have done so far, what they are doing now, and how you and your students can become a part of the process to stop cyber bullying once and for all.